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I've been watching my first hive for the last 10 days and noticed the warmer it gets during the day the more the bees fly. The morning temps are around 50 with some afternoon temps over 90. Mid to upper 80's seems to be the trigger point for all the available workers to fly.
So I'm thinking the interior hive temp gets warm enough that the brood no longer needs bees to keep it at a safe temp which in turn frees up more bees for foraging.
Correct me if I'm wrong but if I wanted to keep the hive at the absolute best temp for maximum foraging wouldn't I need to replicate nature by making the hive more like a tree trunk with thicker wood? Wood = insulation and will reduce the temperature swings to free up the bees.
I'm running 2 ten frame deeps, SBB and a notched top cover under the lid.

I used an Infrared camera to check the heat loss through the Cypress deeps
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On a 50 degree night the hive temp is about 60. To me that shows the bees are doing a lot of extra work just to make up for the heat loss through the thin walls of the hive.

If I revamped the SBB and better insulated the exterior of the boxes I think the bees could maintain the interior temp easier with less bees.

What say you?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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