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I have been really lucky this year, all of our 6 hives survived the winter even though four of them had between a hundred and five hundred bees when we opened the hives in mid march. The reason for this was a heavy expansion last year. Now, thanks to a great spot and the only hive coming out of winter as a strong hive, all our hives are booming and we are about two weeks ahead of the other beekeepers in my area. The temperature has really picked up the last few days and in a few more days, apple trees will be in full bloom (medium flow for our hives). The hives are bringing in alot of nectar already but the comb-building is slow and i see some backfilling. This in case leads to swarming and in three of our hives i have discovered eggs in cups...

Making things worse, apple tree flow is getting stronger, and in one and a half week our main flow starts (wild rasberry), which gives around 20kg of honey per hive in an average year. In a good year and with strong hives one can expect 30-40kg..

What do i do now? Keep inspecting every 4 days to get rid of the cells with eggs? Would you expect comb-building will take off when full flow is on? Im using foundationless frames, would it help if i used foundation?

The three hives that has started swarm-mode are the ones that gets the most sun, would it make a difference if i moved them? Would'nt that also reduce comb building (I live in a cold region)?

Advice is most appreciated!
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