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OTS Queen Rearing - book review?

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I was considering the book OTS Queen Rearing -- does anyone have experience with this book? Looks to be about 100 pages and sells for about $50 -- which seems kind of expensive.

I would pay it if it is considered good information.

Hoping for a book review from those who have read it.

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Where did you see that book located? Is it written by Mel, himself? I thought that Mel's technique was pretty well documented online as garusher mentioned.

His web site has the book listed. You can look at the table of contents and it appears to have about 100 pages.
I have it and really like it, you guys are right a lot of his technics are on his web-site but he has changed some and added more info.
anyway I would recommend it
I have purchased it and think it is good information. I have raised 5 queens so far this year using his method. Easy and works great. I intend to double that next year.

There is some (not much) new information but I like to hold a book in my hands and have the pertinent parts underlined and handy to access. The pictures in the book help a lot and are a visual method of learning that I don't get from the videos. Also, I had a question and emailed Mel and received a prompt and complete response to my question.

If I were a book reviewer by trade, I would give this 5 of 5 stars and will continue to use this method.

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