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Otherside of the Yadkin River in central NC

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I am looking to reconnect with a fellow beek who answered one of my first postings a few months ago who is located on the west side of the Yadkin River from my location. I had a few questions about bees from someone local who is dealing with the same weather, pollen and nectar flow as myself. If you catch this post, let me know. Thanks again for your time. Jimbo
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I'm not exactly on the "other side of the river", but Greensboro isn't too different from your area. There are also others from Asheboro on here, I can give you one individual's contact info if you want.
I live at the headwaters of the Yadkin. Wilkes/Watauga line.
Sorry, I'm mistaken. You're closer to the Boone area. Can't help you. Good luck though.
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