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Oscar reporting from Western Massachusetts

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I am new. My first 2 packages were installed last Thursday. 1 week tomorrow. Have been perusing through the site for a while now and just registered finally. I am in love with my bees. Weather this week has been an absolute wreck. Tonight and without anyone advising me to, I covered the entrance and threw a plastic tarp around the girls. I doubt it'll make a major difference but I'd rather do something than nothing.
Live in the country with my wife, 2 kids and dog who's gotten stung twice for bothering bees on the ground.
I thank you all in advance for I will have many questions. In fact, I will go to a different room to ask my first one regarding crooked comb on my just installed package! :/
over and out
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Hi Oscar,
I'm from Holyoke, and commiserate with you on the weather. Most important is to have entrance reduced, and feed on the bees (a can/bottle over the hole in inner cover surrounded by an empty hive chamber). Don't know if bears make their rounds around your place, but tie down straps (like what you get at harbor freight) will make for greater invasion resistance.
I wish you the best on your new adventure.
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