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Orient every time I open the roof.

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My package is about 2 months old with 9-10 full bars worth covered in bees, mostly brood (seems like a ton of bees to me already!). I built a shingled roof on my TBH and since it's so heavy (asphalt shingles were way heavier than I thought) I hinged it.

Funny thing is every time I open the lid about 30 bees come out instantly and float back and fourth pointed at the front side of the lid as if they're re orienting. As soon as I start to close the lid again the follow it downward and then the second it's closed they're back in the hive.

Any one experience this? Is this defensive behavior or just really proactive reorienting to a change? When I inspect more bees will be looking at the entrance than at me, in fact so far they don't seem to notice that i'm inspecting.
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I haven't experienced that, but I have a hive orient on me one day. It was funny, I could move several feet away before they would go back in front of the hive. Try inspecting at a different time of the day. I find they orient pretty much the same time every day, although different hives are on different clocks.
Yeah it's weird it can be 10am 3pm or 9pm and they'll still do it. I suspect it has something to do with the construction of my hive since the entrance is about 1/2" below where the lid comes down, but I still have no idea what that behavior is supposed to be.
I imagine they are admiring the great job you did on constructing the roof.
They might be foragers that just can't "see" the entrance without the lid on
They might be foragers that just can't "see" the entrance without the lid on
I'd bet good money that is what it is. My hive has a top entrance that can't be seen from directly "above" because the roof overhangs. But when you peal the roof off the hive looks a whole lot different and they tend to kind of hang up and watch what's going on. Of course once you close it back up they're good to go and carry on as normal. Imagine you went out for groceries and you came home and the entire front of your house was torn off. You'd probably be a bit confused as well.
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