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Orange shop soap for the "stickies"

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Hi All
I had a "beezaster" with a fallen comb when I had to push several into alignment. It fell and I couldn't put it back on it smashed so badly(a new one full of nectar). Then I guess I was flustered all day because much later when I was melting the new sticky comb-which I melt in water and let set into a separated "cake" in the top of the old stainless coffee pot I use-I ended up splashing some of the wax. Getting it cold enough to scape off the surface isn't so bad but my hands got totally sticky with a fine layer of waxy residue. Most people with any shop know about this but backyard keepers may not.For the 20th time and reason, I turned to Orange shop soap and it eliminated the sticky from what I was scraping and came right off with my first hand wash without needing hot water. I just wanted to pass along how how Great that product is for many painting clean up too or tree resin. I think there are several brands both gritty and not, so I just call it "Orange". :D PS- works great on a sticky dog fur spot too!
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Advance sells a soap about what you are describing, brand name is GoJo with pumice. Works well on oil, didnt know about wax though.
The one I used was called "Fast Orange" from Permatex;but we had a different brand before that also was "Orange" something. It worked great on the waxy residue sticking all over my fingers. It doesn't dissolve an actual layer of wax but makes it much easier to remove.
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