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Opinion on two new hives

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I have two hives that are about ten days old. they are both packages. Both are drawing comb rapidly. One has about 7 frames and the other about 6. I was checking to see if i needed to add another super. The hive with 7 drawn frames already has a little bit of capped brood. Problem is that it is not clustered close together. They have some capped honey also which I assume is sugar water. The other hive has no capped brood but about the same on pollen and stored food. It was to dark to tell if larva were there. My question is do I need to worry about the brood not being clustered yet or is it just to soon to tell? I was also feeding Brood Builder patties but the weather has turned hot and the patties are melting. I also found about three SHB larva crawling in one of them. The bees are bringing in pollen, do I need to leave the patties on along with the sugar water or is just the water enough? Sorry for the long post.
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