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Opened queen cells

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Curious about previously capped emergency queen cells that are now open. I checked the queen cells of a hive I lost the queen in at 21 days after the date of last inspection (or, three weeks after I think I rolled her). At 21 days, I think the cells would be 17 days old. All were still capped. Half that I had put in a split were all abandoned, with no bees on them. I opened two, and the larvae seemed dead and dry. Today, (I think day 19), all four cells left in the original hive were open-not just like a flap hinged open, but a third of each cell was missing from the tip. All cells looked the same. I had gone in expecting that none of the cells were viable, and that the bees were tearing down the cells. Do we think a virgin(s) emerged? I expected one cell to be open, perhaps with a hinged flap, and the rest perhaps killed by her, seeing them all torn to almost exactly the same amount was a surprise? Any insight is greatly appreciated.
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