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I use JZsBZs plastic cell bars. I attach each one to its own 19" long strip of wood. So sometimes when I am relocating cell builders, to reduce their populations of field bees, so more nurse bees can fit inside the cell builders. I leave a 5-frame nuc box in it's place and with four empty combs and the cell bar in the center, with a ripe queen cell. This way I turn extraneous field bees into a nuc with mated/laying queen.

Anyway, I waited three weeks before I remembered to check on this particular nuc. I had left them with two empty Hoffman frames with combs, and two empty comb-guided top bars, and the cell bar with cell in the center position. Usually I check on them no less than a week, but this time I was distracted and left them alone for three weeks.

So, as I checked on them, I was strongly surprised that they had built combs in all the empty space and filled it with honey/nectar/pollen/brood. Even though there was barely enough space between the two inner framed combs - where the cell bar was located - they had managed to build a nice comb from top to bottom and from end to end. That central comb was nicely filled with open worker brood. I plan to move it into an empty frame, as time allows.
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