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7 Hives of Apis mellifera with some Africanization
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Well, we've been having wonderful weather - rain. From late Winter until now we've been getting storms almost once per week. Already we've received much more than our normal annual rainfall. I see many wildflowers are beginning to bloom.

Uh oh, I went out yesterday, to check on the hives and nucs after it rained Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. They were on the verge of starving; apparently warm weather, plus pollen, but very little nectar, plus consecutive rainy days: equals --> depletion of stores and starvation. I quickly got some feed on each hive and nuc. Whew, a close one; now, tomorrow the wildflower flow will start coming in, but until it does I had better keep a close eye out.

A few of the weakest hives had even started cannibalizing some of their brood :eek:.
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