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I enjoy my bees but wonder :"How much of my help do they really need?". Suggestions appreciated.

Interesting spring. Stung more in 3 months than all last year in spite of heavy coveralls and heavy gloves. I had bees following me to my house 60 yards away. They were stinging first and did not quit. Wife did not appreciate some of them in the house.

Got into town March 9 to see my see my bees swarm up to the top of the hive where I have political signs for extended covers and get killed that night when the mosquito sprayer came thru. My mean hive swarmed a month later while I was out of town. ( sure is nice to go back to nitrile gloves and a long sleeve shirt. ;) )

In spite of my good intentions I wonder just how much help my bees need. Since March I have made a nuc from my good hive, split my mean hive with a shake and the nuc and now have three hives and a new nuc. All appear to be doing well in spite of "my help".

I guess the weird thing is I cannot get the bee's timing to match the text book.

With the shake split on April 26 from the mean hive, the new queen after the swarm from the old Bee Weaver queen (which is small and dark bee) is now a big yellow queen I found the other day. side note (In August of last year I had a small ball of bees and a big yellow queen trying to get into my BR hive.) Where did she come from? Neither queen at the time was big and yellow? Nancy had mentioned she saw that same thing several years ago.

The split with my nuc Baton Rogue queen had no new eggs or larva at 10 or so days upon exam but down in the bottom on the second frame from the out side was a medium sized queen. Same queen as the nuc queen? If so why not laying going from a 10 frame double nuc full of eggs and brood to nothing in 20 frames? Just closed the box up to wait and see.

Guess what I am saying is what is too much help?

I realize that I am going into the hives too much but (how do you do your looks to keep the bees from swarming and still not disrupt or hurt the bees with your good intentions?

Are there some guide lines here on how to ck your bees for swarming and still not have to take double deeps and med supers apart to look?

Thanks, Jim

The other weird thing is last year I was A-- deep in SHB's but this year I have seen 5 or 6 total for all the boxes.
I went back over my 1/8 screens and placed screen wire over the openings to help keep them and ants out of the hive but doubt this made the difference.

I appreciate any help or suggestions.
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