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one of my hives swarmed this morning.

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This is my first year of beekeeping and have never seen a swarm before this morning, it was massive and landed in my neighbors tree about 40 feet off the ground. Sad thing it was from one of my hives. I'm trying to catch it but can only put a hive below the tree with lemongrass oil on it, keeping fingers crossed!:eek:
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Good luck with that, having just been through it myself.

The good thing is, it's a valuable lesson for next year: M.o.r.e. S.p.a.c.e. Both in numbers of honey supers on top, and in keeping nectar/honey frames from clogging the bottom brood box(es).

Now you can do what I did yesterday, go through the hive and check for capped queen cells, hanging off the bottoms of the frames. I had so many down there, that I made up 2 new splits using them, but I also had extra frames of honey and pollen and brood to put into the new splits.
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