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One hive is not eating sugar syrup!

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Hello all , i am a new beek. Ordered and installed two packages last thursday. Out of the box one package was a little larger in bees than the other. The larger hive is going through 1/2 gal. Of sugar syrup a day. The other hive is still on the first 1/2 gal and have only eaten about 3 inches down. I am feeding though a boardman feeder with 1/2 gal mason jars. Please give some suggestions on why the one hive is not going through the syrup like the other hive. Thank you in advance.
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Bees will bee bees, and sometimes they don't read the book on what they are required to do. I personaly am not a fan of the boardman type feeders as the feed out there in front of the hive can entice other bees/wasps to try to rob the feed. Anyway they still work just watch out for the robbing.

For the hive that is not taking the feed from the feeder, perhaps try to give them feed a different way. A simple 1 gal ziplock bag is a good feeder. Fill it about 3/4 full of 1:1 sugar water then lay it directly on top of the frames. With a razor make a two or three 2inch slits on top of the bag. Then put an empty brood box on (or you will crunch the bag) and close it up.

In your sugar water it is good to add in some essential oils. The commerical product is "Honey B Healthy" or Mann Lake sells the same stuff under a different name. Of you could just add in two-three drops of pepermint oil (lemongrass or wintergreen oil etc).

Good luck - welcome to being a beek
Out of the box one package was a little larger
Check and make sure that they havent drifted into the larger box.
use some honey b healthy. it will help in the take up.
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