Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998
From: Andy Nachbaur
Subject: Re: OLd Drone makes defecation flight, again

>Once again we are subjected to the lengthy tirades of Mr.
>Nachbauer. In fairness he offers some first hand knowledge
>and advice useful to some beekeepers. But it could be said
>in 2-3 paragraphs not an epistle. Apparently some members
>of the list have to pay based on the amount of email received.
>Long-winded posts are not in their (or anyone else's) best
>interest. We are sending electronic mail posts to the world, not
>talking over our back fences. Most of us aren't retirees with
>nothing better to do than pontificate, belittle and reminisce.
>Have a nice day.
>x. xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
>University of Tennessee

Hi Bee Folks,

Of course the poster is right and in the near past it was indeed a real hardship on the majority to have some poster post long articles all were not interested in or just don't have the time to read, and it may still be that way today in a very few locations. To these people I apologize but must say if you are not interested in what anyone has to say then there are way's of blocking that person's posts from your mail box...check with you system administrator...For most of us e-mail and list mail is not a problem.

As to the contents of my own posts I assume all responsibility for the loss of friends it may cause, but you can be sure that some effort does go into each article and consideration is given to what pain it may cause others and myself as no one likes hate mail. Sure there is good, bad, and ugly in all things including beekeeping and I am not the one to sort this out for the group and only report the good,..and in fact I personally want to know the downside of most new things before I make adjustments to my own life's work.

What is not said by the poster below is what he would like this list to be about and who he would like to see posted here? Not just who he would not. I am for making adjustments but must know a little more then I what I am doing is a bore which is far from the realities in this list.

Dr. Jerry and I, as many other experienced posters know the rules of good posting, and we use them, sometimes it looks personal but don't be confused it is not.. it also is not to polarize the list into groups.

What it is that I want other then share with you our own experiences and ideas is that you read what we have to say....and THINK ! Why, because I don't know it all and you may think of something I missed, in that way we all win. I can handle being told I am off base, and I know how to end any tread...

Why not take it to personal e-mail you ask? Well we do, but there is nothing more attention getting to think that the whole world is watching. As painful as this process is it is informative and does require both sides of any issue to expand and reinforce their ideas and this is good.

I thank all who take the time to read what I post as they do others knowing I am not going post my experiences in one or three paragraph. Special thanks to those who not only take the time to read but post back their own thoughts, good or bad, with style or with none.

ttul, the OLd Drone
Los Banos, California