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Old Brood Comb

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I read everywhere to add frames of old brood comb in starting nucs, in trap boxes, in second boxes to get bee to move up etc. Since I'm new to this, where should I get old brood comb & when? My hives are utilizing all the comb in the bottom deeps of my hives and I don't want to just rip off a frame if it has brood or eggs in it.........?

Also, how do I change from using deeps to medium box for brood? If I order nucs, they are in deep frames.............?
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don't worry, you will have hives die and you will have more old brood comb than you know what to do with!
I bought a deep nuc and run all med so Im in the same boat on e the queen moves up into the med to lay you can put an excluded under her and when all of the brood below hatches out you can remove the deep or just wait till spring when they are still in the top box and pull the deep then. There is no real quick and dirty way unless you want to cut the deep frames down with bees still in them and I wouldn't suggest that
Also if you want to get them to move up sooner rather than later you can pull a honey frame from the side slide the rest over and drop a medium frame in the middle of the brood nest, if you have a flow and are feeding I'd check it in 4-5 days at which point you can pull it put it into the medium slide you brood frames back together and put the honey comb back in , you may have to scrape off some comb with eggs in it that was made under the bottom bar of the medium but that isn't a huge loss
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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