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Ok, I closed out my last thread on temperatures for late inspections which brought me to this next subject. We have a pretty good fall flow going and the weather has been a little dry but warm and sunny for over a week. I manage large civil construction projects for a living and the company I work for subscribes to a commercial weather forecast service as our work, building bridges, highways etc. which is very weather dependent. Contrary to the Old Farmers Almanac which says the northeast will have a colder than normal, early winter, our expensive service is predicting a normal, slightly warmer winter (+3 F) and indicates a first frost in mid November. 14 day forecast is for 70's as highs, upper 40's as night lows. Couple questions:

1. When should I add the mouse excluder-the bees are flying in and out en masse! My daughter is calling them a bee superhighway as the fly by her second floor bedroom window all day long. The landing boards are loaded with bees coming band going from dawn to dusk. If I do it now, will I slow down the foragers?
2. I did a double pad Formic Pro treatment on August 30th and it appears at least for now, the hives are good. Population has recovered and they are even building new comb with the flow. How long should I, could I put off a 4 x 5 OAV treatment regiment? My plan was to do it at the end of September but the flow is really strong and I have 15 acres of goldenrod and fall pollinators 300 yards from my hives. Between the two double deep hives, I have seven partial or fully capped medium super still on.
3. When do i shut this down, wrap the hives and call it good? Planning on the no brood OAV in late November/early December.

I know this sounds goofy but I want to get through the winter right. I know I got very lucky this year.
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