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Offal - The remnants of food processing that are generally unusable, undesirable, or sometimes considered waste. Its all that stuff that left over after you processed the food stuff for the good stuff. In butchering, its legs, hooves, tongues, brains, etc. In nuts and grains, its hulls, shells, leaves, chaff, stems, etc. In honey harvesting its slum gum, dark comb, body parts, propolis, and traces of honey and wax.

Mat - A scrap of fabric that collects debris, like a doormat. In this case, burlap works well, but any fabric will do.

How its made - Use any scrap of fabric to lay into your solar wax melter. Course is good. Pile on a pound or so of wax cappings or scrapings from harvesting honey from your hive. Spread out evenly. Heat till all the good wax filters out. While still hot, spread out any of the slum gum that is taller than the rest to make a smooth-ish mat of material. Remove the mat from the melter while still warm and cool on a flat surface. It will be stiff when cool.

Use - Best used in a swarm trap to add essential scents that mimic an old hive. Lay a strip of the Offal Mat on top of the frames in your swarm trap. Hope for the best. Can also be used in the making of a Russian Scion, a type of short term swarm trap placed on a pole in an apiary to capture swarms when they first leave the hive.

Life span - Several years. Wax and propolis are great preservatives. Toss into the solar wax melter every year and put a handful of new wax on it to refresh the scent.

Good luck in your swarm traps this year.

Cheers, Phil
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