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Odds that this swarm is mine?

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Some of you might remember a week ago, I caught a swarm that came out of my hive and made the silly misinformed decision to dump the swarm back into the original hive. Once I learned that this is simply something you don't do, I found the queen and made a split. Now I have two hives. I left queen cells in the old hive and it seems to be doing just fine right now. The new hive with the old queen seems to be doing well too. I just went outside, however, and saw that I have a swarm of bees about 20ft from my hives right in my neighbors yard. I just checked and found that the new hive is still intact with the queen in place. upon quick inspection, I found that the old hive...may be a little light of bees but its pretty hard to tell. Since I took the old queen out of the hive and made a split, essentially making the old hive queenless for a couple of weeks, and the new hive definitely still has the queen, is there any chance/way that the swarm in my neighbors yard could be mine or is there basically no way this is possible? I assume that freshly hatched queens never swarm, correct?

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