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Or maybe perfectly normal, if you know what you're seeing.

I noticed recently, when rearranging the potted plants on our patio, that several of the containers seemed always to have bee activity in them. The weird part is that there aren't any flowers on these plants. The bees are digging around in the soil under the oak leaves that have fallen in the pots (we leave them as mulch), and they're definitely treating it as a resource of some sort. They're coming and going in waves, there always seem to be a few there (maybe half a dozen in a given pot) with their heads down and their butts wiggling, etc. The question is - what the heck resource are they after?

The only thing I could think of is water condensed on the underside of the leaves. There are plenty of other watersources nearby (swimming pool, bird baths, etc.) but I suppose they could prefer this for some reason - after all, the dog prefers to drink from mud puddles, too. Can y'all think of any other reason for the behavior? Somethign obvious I'm missing?


p.s. If you keep a garden, and want to give your girls a treat, grow some extra broccoli and let it go to seed. We had a couple of plants we forgot to harvest, and the heads bloomed into a huge mass of yellow flowers (kind of like a yellow hydrangea, actually) that the bees went nuts over. I may plant some extra just for that purpose this year.
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