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observation Hive

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I have an observation hive that is 4 medium frames tall. they got kind of a late start in the fall and don't have many stores. I feed them sugar syrup in the fall and it seems they have 1 frame of uncapped syrup but I'm worried about pollen. I can't see any pollen stores. Can I just put some raw pollen in the feeder hole. I can see they are starting to raise small patches of brood and know they need pollen for this. Anybody else done this with their ob.

Thanks, Mike
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No, but this is my first year with a "obh" i would try it if you have the pollen.i use BEE-PRO® 4% PRO-LEN PATTIES 10 LB. BOX from mann lake.They love it.
sometimes they wont even touch it,i think because they don't need it.let me know if they take the many bees do you have in you "obh"
It's worth trying just a little bit just to see if they accept. If they are starting brood then possibly they know spring is right around the corner. Don't rely on punxsutawney phil as he's been correct 39% of the time. Seen his shadow this year too. I'd trust the bees over the animals. Just my opinion. Pollen isn't cheap anywhere I've seen, however, I've bought it from vitacost in one pound bags in a granule form. Have yet to try it until the weather is above 45 degrees during the day.
Mine is taking sub through the screen on the feeder
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