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Observation HIve for the Zoo

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We've been working with the local zoo to make a beekeeping exhibit. Does anyone have any experience with an observation hive located out doors?

They would like a 3 wall shelter. I was hoping to put the hive on the back panel and put some sort of roof on it. Not really sure yet.. Anyone?
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Here's a link with info on an outdoor observ hive that was built in East Texas by the local chapter... maybe some ideas here.
Check and Mate! Perfect example of an outdoor observation hive! I'm going to print this out for the zoo.
Maybe contact Dawes Arboretum in the Newark, Ohio area. I was in there and they have an awesome langstroth "2 deep" hive made out of plexiglass with a very nice exit to the outdoors. It's a little far for me, or I would score some pictures. It appears to be standard dimensions as well. Maybe there are some local beeks here who have participated in making this awesome hive. It's a well done bob! While I was there, I was working on some of the office equipment, and the gal there had very little info about it.

Be sure to shield the sun, as the "greenhouse effect" could make it very hot inside the hive in no time! They keep it inside (lower level) in an air-conditioned area with an exit to the outside.

Good luck though!
Call the folks at the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro. They just completed their project and garden last year.
make certain you are protected from liability. good luck,mike
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