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I have a three deep (or three medium with one deep) observation hive on a lazy susan. I installed a queen, two medium frames of brood, and one frame of food in it about two weeks ago along with one empty frame for them to grow into. Things went well, as the queen was laying. I gave them plenty of extra pollen and sugar water, to make sure they were happy.

Last weekend, I decided to open it up so I could mark the queen and make it easier to find her (mainly for the kids and friends that come watch from time to time). I moved it outside, opened it up and marked her using one of Robo's methods. Things went well, although she put up a fight. I put her back, sealed it up and put them back in the house. Two hours later, although I had marked the queen, I couldn't find her. Nervous that I crushed her somehow, I opened it up again. I found her hiding in the corners (didn't do that at all in the past week) with a mass of workers. I didn't think anything of it, sealed it up and put it back in the house. I observed them the rest of the day Sunday, and she was doing well.

I came home from work yesterday to look at the hive, and found only about a dozen workers. Everyone else flew the coup.

I'm guessing that I stressed the hive when I opened them up twice in two hours, once when I marked the queen. But I've never stressed a full size hive by opening them up twice and painting the queen. I guess OH just get stressed easier.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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