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Oav for nucs made up with queen cells

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Randy Oliver describes their process of treating for mites in their newly made up nucs as follows.
Make up nucs, insert ripe cells, and around day 19-21, after the queens are laying, but before their brood is capped, treat with an oxalic dribble.
Has anyone done this with oav as opposed to the dribble? How does it work? Are there any potential downsides to using oav rather than a dribble?
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I would do OAV on a nuc as soon as all the old brood is hatched and before new one is sealed.
I have even done OAV on Nucs with virgins (when they rejected my Qcell and raised their own) with no apparent harm. They mated fine and the nucs made it through the next winter.
I would say no more up or downside then any other argument for/against OAV or dribble in a standard hive.
Thanks for the input. I'm new to the oav application and trying to think ahead a bit.
I think it's a great idea ...
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