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OA treatment for 2 frame 4 frame 5 frame

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How do you treat for varroa mites in 2 frame mating nucs, 4 over 4 nucs and 5 frame nucs. I was thinking of doing OA vapor for them I just cant find the amount to use for each. Is it half a gram for 5 frame, 1 gram for 4x4 and 2 tenths a gram for a 2 frame? The 2 frames I want to treat end of season so I can try and over winter them so I can have queens earlier if needed Thanks.
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I use a ProVap 110, and anything in my yard which is 5 frames or smaller gets a half-dose. If the nuc is strong enough for a second story, it gets a full dose as if it were a single ten frame box. The number of treatments still stays the same for the little colonies, they just get a lesser amount.

As for the mating nucs, I like to hit them when they are completely broodless after the initial brood frames have completely emerged, and before the new queen's brood is sealed. Randy Oliver says to treat on day 19, but I'm still a bit fuzzy on exactly what day the counting starts. Is it 19 days from the graft, 19 days from when the egg is laid? Maybe someone else here can shed some more light on that point.
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