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Nucs from Chuck Norton

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I met Chuck today and picked up two nucs. I was very impressed. Mr. Norton spent two hours with me. We went through each nuc, frame by frame. The nucs I picked up had an established queen, excellent brood patterns, and were absolutely heavy with bees and brood in all stages. Honestly, the nucs were better than what I expected. I expected 3 frames of brood and a frame or two of honey and pollen. What I received was 5 frames of brood with some of the frames having bands of pollen/honey.

I realize that a few people had some bad experiences a number of years ago. I can't speak for these people, but I felt like I received a lot for the cost. Sometimes Chuck is difficult to get hold of, but that seems to be typical with people working in the field. Originally, I was expecting the Nucs in late April or early May, but we had a very cold Spring so everything is delayed.

I would definitely purchase nucleus hives from Chuck in the future. Quality was great and the price was great too.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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