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Nucs and rose:)..test for photo upload

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I am trying Ray Marler's nuc split and reunite for making a Queen.

I split the Queen off the top of the middle nuc. It was amazing how many bees came back to that hive! Tonight by his timing I need to put the Queen on above an excluder. That should be fun with all these bees!

This is a row of nucs from the past few weeks

Apiary Bee Beehive Roof Wood

This is what the nuc looked like when I removed the box with the Queen!

Bee Honeybee Beehive Apiary Insect

We have huge climbing roses and the bees are all over them:)

Tree Plant Woody plant Flower Shrub

Have no idea if this worked. I went to insert image, basic uploader and inserted images from computer sized to 300 x 400. Please advise if this doesn't work.
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Now how do I get photos from email onto my ipad and from my ipad onto beesource? I rarely sit at a computer.
Hold your finger on the photo in an email till an options bar opens. You can save image, tweet, email etc..., click save image.

To load it into a post, click on the third icon from the right (above), that will open an option menu, click from computer, choose file, upload.
Yes...I can now get a photo from phone to email to computer to photoshop to file and on to bee source. The thing I can't seem to do is camera to email to ipad to photo sizing ap to ipad file to bee source.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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