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This year I had 4 nucs that I made up with capped queen cells. I used 1 frame w/queen cells, I frame of capped or mostly capped brood, a frame with pollen and honey and 1 undrawn frame. This was on 5/1/14 in mid Missouri.

All were doing well enough that I moved them to 10 frame deeps. On checking today 5/27/14 I found one hive with eggs. 1 hive with 2 frames with queen cells, must have swarmed. 1 hive with lots of bees but no queen or eggs. 1 hive with only 3 frames of bees and no eggs.

I know that there was a chance of the virgins being in 3 and 4. But I decided to move one queen cell frames in the 3rd hive and guess that the virgin didn't make it back. So 2 and 3 start back to day 8 to 12 on the queen countdown. Since hive 4 is so weak I'll probably combine it next week with hive 2 or 3.

I also have a swarm that I captured on 5/18/14 that has 4 frames partially drawn with eggs.

I'm starting to feel more informed with making choices in this area. I,ll see by the end of summer how those choices turned out.
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