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Nuc has righted the ship...or has it?

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Long story short. See dates below for Nuc I got on 4/25.

April 25th: Nuc pickup, no queen present only queen cell (which I squished) and an empty queen cage on top
May 4th: Eggs added from other hive so they could raise a new queen if needed (possible that virgin queen was there and I didn't see her)
May 18th: All eggs from frame were capped, no new eggs, found 1 queen cell capped
May 29th: Found a laying queen, a few drone larvae and a couple of newly capped queen cells

A: Is this the orginal virgin queen that was supposedly running around or was this a new one they raised from the added egg frame on the 4th?
B: Should I leave the queen cells alone or destroy them? She still has room to lay in the hive. Looks like she's only been laying for a few days to a week max.
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Whether or not there is a virgin running around it is hard to tell without a schedule.
But according to the queen rearing calendar, the time frame is almost one month from the
time you put in the frame of eggs to the time of a new laying queen.
It takes almost one month to make a new laying queen. So I would guess this is the queen
from the frame you put in and not the running virgin if there is one before. The virgin that
emerged later might send the earlier virgin away.
You should put the newly capped qcs into another nuc for another small hive to over winter with.
No need to destroy them as they are good cells still. Put an ad on CL if you want to get rid of them.
It is better than destroying them this way.
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