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Hi all,

I created a nuc over 3 weeks ago, started with 5 frames of brood/honey. They got a queen on the 13th of May (they were one week queenless).
They are in a Langstroth 8 frame medium.
The way I set up the box, was one more frame with foundation and a homemade follower board. (So one "blank" frame)
Yesterday I inspected and thought they'd be building fresh comb on the extra frame by now.
The queen is laying, and there are many stages of uncapped brood.
They have only taken a quart of syrup so far, and it is stored in the comb that was given to them.
There has been no attempt to build any comb on the blank frame.

I was thinking of moving that frame in, but afraid that it would break up the brood from their food sources, as it's still a young developing nuc.
Also, I know from my other langs that the end frames are not their favorites.

There are a good few-hundred bees in there.
Is it just that they don't have the population for comb-building, and don't really need it yet?

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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