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Nuc development inquiry

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Hi all,

I created a nuc over 3 weeks ago, started with 5 frames of brood/honey. They got a queen on the 13th of May (they were one week queenless).
They are in a Langstroth 8 frame medium.
The way I set up the box, was one more frame with foundation and a homemade follower board. (So one "blank" frame)
Yesterday I inspected and thought they'd be building fresh comb on the extra frame by now.
The queen is laying, and there are many stages of uncapped brood.
They have only taken a quart of syrup so far, and it is stored in the comb that was given to them.
There has been no attempt to build any comb on the blank frame.

I was thinking of moving that frame in, but afraid that it would break up the brood from their food sources, as it's still a young developing nuc.
Also, I know from my other langs that the end frames are not their favorites.

There are a good few-hundred bees in there.
Is it just that they don't have the population for comb-building, and don't really need it yet?

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Hi Jamie,

I can check out wednesday. ;-) A 5 frame medium equal to 3.3 deep frames will work just fine if you get enough capped brood and shake bees in it, I assume the added queen was mated or from a capped cell, which is fine.... But sounds like you are low on bees. Most likely what happened is the flying bees went back to the mother hive, so all you have is nurse bees and those that are emerging. Whenever I make splits I move them atleast a few miles, I move them from Ted's house to my house. Let them sit for atleast a few days, usually until the queen is mated, then move them back. This way I retain all the bees. During hot summer months I keep the nucs at my house away from the big hives that will rob them out when dearth sets in.

How many of those frames were "capped" and how many were uncapped from the original hive. Did the uncapped brood sucessfully become capped or were eggs and young larvae ignored. How many frames of capped and open brood has the new queen made?

If you add more bees from mother hive get those that are on open brood (nurse bees), so they don't fly back. Just shake a few frames worth in , I would smoke em a bit. Make sure you don't shake in the queen

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