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Nuc cell builder

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I'm wanting to take a frame of eggs larva from a good hive and let a queenless nuc make 5 or less natural queen cells. This queenless nuc would be overflowing with bees. Will this work okay. I'm really just needing a few this go round. Is this enough bees to feed and make good queens.

Dan Williams
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This year is the first for me to coax hives into raising queens so I count myself among the least qualified to respond to this.

But... what I did was to remove the queen and then left the bulk of the colony to make cells. I believe that I started the process about four weeks too late as most of the cells were pretty small.

Some mistakes I make twice... I would remove the queen to a nuc and leave the hive with the youngest open brood and eggs. And feed if there isn't a good nectar flow. At least that's my understanding.

I'm working on a second set of cells, but I'm fairly convinced that the quality is poor.

In any case I won't be disappointed. :)
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