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Nothing Really plus photos

It's been 6 weeks since i did my combine. Bottom 8 frames are full of brood. The top brood box had 4 frames full of brood 2 half frames started with honey and all frames with comb production started. I generally take photos and post, but forgot my camera today.

So today I thought I would just post some photos taken with my new macro lens. These are from my backyard and are photos of bees and their favorite morning flower.

Flower Flowering plant alpine forget-me-not Blue Plant
Flowering plant Flower Plant Insect Bee
Flowering plant Flower Bee Honeybee Plant
Bee Honeybee Insect Membrane-winged insect Beehive
Honeybee Bee Insect Membrane-winged insect Bumblebee
Flowering plant Flower Plant Petal Dayflower family
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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