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Nothing goes into my...

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hives but bees, pollen and nectar. This is my second season, I have six top bar hives and I'm praying for a better year than last.

I don't treat my bees with anything-completely treatment free. I'd like to know what to charge for comb honey retail. And if I bring it to a local market, what is a fair wholesale price? Thanks for your input.
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Brac and Omie,

Your comments make a good deal of sense.

Here in the small town of Walton in Delaware County, NY, we have a good many second home owners who come from New York City. They come with an awareness of the drawbacks of commercial foods and that the prices for "whole" foods are naturally higher than commercial brands - AND they will pay the price for better foods. Actually, all the people around know that natural foods command a better prices and will pay for it. A case in point: There is a very vibrant local meadow raised natural meats industry that markets to the people here.

When I speak with the local shop owners I know about me being a beekeeper, their eyes light up and the ask me if they could get them some honey to sell - in any form.

So that's the environment I'm talking about. As I said, I only have six hives - and I have full time job in the city - so it's really not about starting a business, just so.

With all this in mind, I would very much like to know what you would estimate about the prices of all the "styles" you mention in your post. Thanks.
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