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I installed 3 pkgs a little less than 1 month ago 2 in top bar hive and 1 in a warre, 2 look very healthy and thriving, 1 (the top bar) of the 3 always seemed weaker... I had thought that is was possible they didnt have a queen... or the queen had died.

I had been watching and feeding and they didnt take much feed and they were only bringing in very sparce amounts of pollen where my other hive was bringing in tons.

I did see the bees built out 2-3 small combs, when I looked I see no evidence of brood at all but I did see what looked like a queen cell. I am unsure of what to do, I of course tried contacting the package supplier but had not heard back.

What should I do, wait and see or take some sort of action.

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