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I have been fascinated by honey bees for many years and only began keeping them in May 2013. Currently, I have two hives, both Langstroth 8-frame. One is a split from the original hive, which was a nuc purchased from a local beek. After only a few weeks, I wished I could start all over again! I work for the Department of Environmental Protection in Florida, and have always lived a relatively natural lifestyle. I knew I wanted to be a "natural" beekeeper (my motto is "trust the bees") and I very quickly learned that means different things to different people. I have switched to foundationless frames and have recently acquired a top bar hive. After reading more about them, I would love to have all top bars! I am glad to have this forum to read about how people deal with getting bees into a TBH (I'd rather do splits or catch swarms--package installation intimidates me) and the seeming incompatibility between Langs and TBHs. My top bars are 19" to solve part of the problem, but it will still be difficult to switch my Langs over to TBHs. Or even to "split" a Lang into a TBH. I may stick a couple of top bars in a Lang and "harvest" some brood.
However, my daughter is getting married in November, so my only goal this year (which I keep having to remind myself) is 40 lbs of honey for wedding favors. (4 oz Muth jars). So for now, the TBH sits empty, unless by some miracle a swarm decides to move in! I also want to build my own TBH and maybe someday sell TBH nucs.
I spend too much time trying to figure out how to become a full-time beekeeper. And me with just two hives!

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