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:( Here's the story:

-Hive vandalized June 1 st.
-Check on June 8 th and find emergency queen cells (3)
-Check on June 22 nd and see young queen
-Check on June 30 th, see queen but no eggs or larvae yet :waiting:
-Checked today and found three frames of what used to be nice worker comb now covered with drone cells (bullet bumps all over). :ws
Hunt her down and finally find her and pinch. Place a frame with fresh eggs from next hive in.
I am hoping they will try and raise yet another queen, I guess I'll have to check back in a week or so and get rid of any queen cells that are not on the frame I transferred in. Whoever did this has effectively taken this hive out of brood production for what I figure will end up being at least two months. I figure I won't see fresh eggs now till sometime early Sept. The only saving grace is this hive has still filled two supers with honey for me despite the setback, shame to have lost the original queen though.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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