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Not eating the leftover honey

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After I did my crush and strain processing, I put my empty frames covered in honey and the pan that caught the drippings outside for the bees to clean up. It's been out there all day and no bees have found it. Why didn't they attack it, I wonder? I put it about 10 feet in front of the hive and then moved it farther away, about 50 feet. Seems not to have made any difference.
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You must have a flow going on so they are avoiding it.
In the spring when there is nectar available I can put my wet honey supers out to air out and maybe get 25 bees interested. If I do that in the fall, I will have hundreds or thousands of dead and fighting bees and robbing everywhere.

They much prefer to collect nectar than honey.
Well, darn. They certainly were shooting in and out of the hive like bullets so something must be out there. Too bad, I guess I'll put the stuff in the dishwasher... :(
My only complaint about beekeeping is that I can't get them to stay in the yard!! I plant good stuff for them and away they go. (I know it's not a great quantity of plants but you'd think they could humor me...)
if you don't need the "stuff" right now, put it in the freezer until a little later in the year. everyone is wet right now, but when things start to dry up, they will clean everything up nicely for you. and you might be glad you saved it for them. you can always put it in a deep over a solid inner cover, and they will strip it clean and move it down without starting a robbing frenzy. If you do that keep a good watch on it, because when it is done, if another flow starts they will build comb in the cavity around the stuff you wanted them to clean.:doh:
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