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They have 1:1 sugar water with hbh and they have honey from last year left on the hive. Plenty of fresh pollen. I did clean it off so we can observe it going foward. Thanks

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How has the weather been? If it's been really cold and the bees haven't been able to fly, that could just be they were cooped up too long and couldn't wait any longer to use the restroom aka: anywhere but in the hive.

If it hasn't been terribly cold and the bees have been able to cleanse you could:

Add tea tree oil to your sugar syrup (lots of recipes online), use a blender and emulsify it with lecithin to suspend it in the syrup, since oil and water don't mix otherwise.
Tea tree is naturally anti-fungal.

Or go the chemical route - Fumidil-B - 25 g

I tend to go the simple route first, for me that would be tea tree oil. I could easily add 5-10 drops to my homemade "honey bee healthy", this is the one I use:
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