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Normal rate of hive development?

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We picked up our bees 31 march, what would the normal rate of comb development be over a month or two. I have just put the second deep on the hives yesterday.

I had to travel for a month so we were not keeping feed on them continually through May. I fed saturday, and the girls consumed 1 gal/hive in 4 days.

I expected them to have drawn comb through out pretty quick baed on the posts I've seen. My biggest problem is my own inexperience!
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I'm a first year beekeeper and hived my NYC rooftop bees on 4/25, fed them sugar regularly, and put the second deep on 5/23 when 7 trays were full.
Soooo many variables will determine hive growth. Strength of hives, queens egg lay ability and flow. If there was no flow on they will not be drawing out any comb. As you have noted by feeding, there probably isn't much of a flow on in your area. Now that they have feed they are able to draw out more comb. Keep it on them for as long as they will take it.
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