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I have been fortunate enough to improve my bee keeping skills with 11 total colonies to acquire a significant amounts of honey two years in a row. The initial goals were lo learn about honey bees and improve my veggie garden, especially Cucurbit plants I had started off giving honey to my neighbors in Bell jars. The flow exceeded by Bell jar supply, veggie garden is doing great.

I started buying Classic 1 lb. honey jars and investigated selling the jars. For what purpose I asked myself? To help defray cost of beekeeping and I could donate excess honey or cash to charitable organizations the honey bees would like. It also provides support for my sensor based, hive design efforts - I need more and costly sensors too.

Well I am getting older and donations from honey donations has been outstanding from my little farm stand. Free veggies has been the bait.....I mean attraction and there has been a good "flow" of money. I have distributed a few cases at a church food bank, sent checks to charitable organizations, been teaching the neighbors about bees. But the bottom line is I will need help in time. I thought "start a charitable, non-profit corporation" on a very small scale but worthy goals. It would increase paper work but I just might get some support volunteers and provide continuity into the future ( grandkids, nieces, nephews and neighbors, other NGO efforts). Having the non-profit corporation, I am learning, would help solve any significant property insurance issue also. Questions:

1) Has anyone tried this approach? Results?
2) State level applications seem simple enough but how difficult is it to acquire the federal / IRS approval(s)?
3) Do any bee clubs have a method to be an umbrella for such activities being non-profit?
4) Dumb idea?
5) Alternative suggestions?
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