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And they mean it! This is day 39 for my two hives and I am still feeding since they have so much comb to build. Besides, it appears that nothing is in bloom anymore except clover. Anyway, I carry 2 half gallon mason jars with the new syrup down to the hives and replace the first empty one. There was a lot of bees on the empty jar so I flicked them off (gently) back into the empty super. Of course some of them took flight elsewhere. I replaced the top and cinder block and move over to hive #2. I removed the empty jar, set the full one in there and evidently, one of the bees from the first hive flew into this hive and I witnessed their mean side. About 15 to 20 bees covered this bee and began stinging it! Wow! It went on and on and on until the bee was not moving.
They sure are protective. I must make some good syrup! :D

PS, They are going through a half gallon each every two days. Is this normal? Seems like a lot to me.
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