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I have 10 hives and 9 out of the 10 have no eggs or larvae (some capped brood) and I have not spotted the queen in any of the 9 hives. All 9 are packing necter in virtually every available cell. I talked to a long time beek today that lives 50 miles from me and he said he is having the same problem. He told me he has seen this a couple of times in the past, when there is a SUPER flow going the bees will kill or kick out the queen so they have more room for necter. He also says he has talked to other beeks who have experienced the same thing. Has anyone on here heard of or experienced this? Have any advice on how to fix it? The guy I talked to grafts queens, so he just keeps dumping queens in until they keep one, but I would have to buy queens so it's not an option for me. What do you all think?

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