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No Queen Cells in first hive here in the Finger Lakes...Wow are we behind.

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I started making some starter nucs this afternoon. I found no Queen Cells in the hive in either of the 3 deep supers. I witnessed a couple Queen Cups just being made. I found copius amounts of Drone... both hatched and about to hatch however. As I lost direct sunlight from cloud cover, I could not verify if eggs were present, though I had brood in all stages of development. I will be ordering 2 queens as I don't wish to take any risks. This post is for people around the Finger Lakes to digest. I will definately wait at least one more week before breaking any other hives down.
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Your report sounds like what I saw in my hive 2 days ago here in Maryland. I did a thorough inspection (I have 2 deep 8-frames with a medium on top). I also have only ONE queen cup under construction, so yeah, things are behind. The locusts have just started leafing out late last week, and the tulip poplars do not have any blooms yet. My queen is a real organization freak; the medium on top has 5 frames of almost solid capped worker brood (no drone brood), the deep directly below has 1-1/2 frames of almost solid capped drone brood (no worker).

Good luck this year.

About the only thing starting to emerge as far as leaves go here is the Honeysuckle. None of our trees have leaves yet. Good luck to you to
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