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no queen, bees are filling up brood chamber

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I have noticed there is no queen in my hive since they swarmed. I am expecting new queen to come back from a virgin flight.
In a meantime, existing bees are filling up brood chamber with honey and making bee bread.

What should I do, how will the new queen be able to lay eggs?
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If you suspect a virgin in the hive stay out of the colony for 10 to 14 days. Virgins are very nervous and can fly away never to return. After the 14 days check for eggs or very young larvae. The bees will begin to clean cells when a virgin mates and is ready to lay eggs, this will look like a group of empty dry cells in a frame of nectar or pollen.

When did the swarm occur and what do you see to suspect a virgin is in the colony and is about to make mating flights?
Nothing. If she mated and comes back, they will clear her a spot to lay.

Just for background, when did your new queen emerge?
it emerged around July 20th
it emerged around July 20th
Should have seen eggs on Aug 3. Sometimes they can start later. Just my opinion, but if you don’t see eggs by tomorrow, something is wrong.
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