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No honey yet...should I be worried?

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I started my package here in TN on May 13th and 53 days later my queen seems to be doing great and she is laying eggs like crazy, but they have only capped off honey in several very small corner sections in a couple of frames. Is this OK or is something wrong?
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It's common for first year hives to feed all the nectar they bring in to baby bees. Some will make surplus honey but I think it's the exception not the norm.
First year and you're already looking for honey? Stay optimistic!
In your situation I wouldn't expect honey, no more than what you have now, I would even consider feeding if they are low. May 15th is late for a package in your area. A package has an immense amount of work to do, mainly drawing comb and building population to a size large enough to exploit any flow that may be available.
Unlikely to see honey from a mid-May package in Tennessee. It's not impossible, but extremely unlikely. Better chance you will need to feed sugar syrup just to get comb drawn. Good luck and have fun!:)
Thanks everyone for the replies and you all agreed, isn't that amazing! Your replies make me feel much better! This is my first year so I don't have any experience to draw on, but I feel like I have an excellent queen and I think she started laying practically from day one.
My bees are very gentle and hard working, so I am having a wonderful first time experience!
If your hive does well through the winter you can expect plenty of honey next year!
And honestly, I am not expecting any extra honey for me, I am just concerned that they should be putting up enough for themselves!
I had a packaged hive from mid may put up the whole second deep in honey during the goldenrod flow last year. Sad part was they didnt move to it and perished. Made good early spring feed for the others. Good Luck. g
May 15th is late for a package in your area.
You can say that again.............

Any US beek who plants corn in October expecting to pick fresh ears for the Christmas needs to check their latitude. :eek: !
I did not get enough honey for extraction my first year. I left it on the hive for winter feed.
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