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No bees, no food (Catch the Buzz)

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No Bees, No Food.

It’s worth your time.
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Please watch the documentary More than honey and see if you recognize him.
I think he is a bigger part of the problem than much of the solution to the problem.
His operation could choose to downsize - go and not pollinate the monocultures and focus on honey production. But the money is not in that!
As he states it in the More than honey documentary front of the blooming almond trees - "I smell money"
I wish he had showed some pictures of his operation harvesting honey from his hives - as he said - my grandfather would be sick if he saw this!
I wish TED would have checked into this before they let him speak.
On the other hand I am glad that he is spreading the word and giving people something to think about when it comes to food, but I think he should lead with an example with his operation.
My my, what did they do for food before the first settlers brought in the honey bee from Europe in the eighteenth century
They would have starved if it wasn't for the Indians not because of the lack of bees though.
No Bees, No Food.
No mention of the fact that european honey bees are not the only pollinator for much of the produce they undoubtedly mention.

Honey bees are important, but the world food supply is not going to suddenly collapse just because what amounts to an invasive species disappears.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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