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Nice story!

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I am amazed. Over 80 folks have viewed this story and not a single comment positively or negatively.....hmmmmmm.
wish I could make $1500 removing bees...

though I'm sure that the vast majority of that was for the tree removal, not the bees!
It had to be (Tree Removal) or someone just got ripped off and that would be the tax payers of course! Even with a tree removal, i was in the business and if it was removing the a whole tree i never got over a $500 price range specially for that particular tree. That was a big tree, it was a tall 75-foot-tall locust tree, so you would have to cut it out in sections before laying it down! The beekeeper, I would say a fair price & a good price i might add for the beekeeper would be $300. so where is all the rest going?? If i had to take a guess, the beekeeper got paid, the backhoe operator got paid, the tree topper got paid, the truck hauler got paid, the labors got paid and the city officials smiling at the camera got paid....LOL :lpf:

P.S.- They did say material so they could of built the bees a big condo for a new home! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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