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I built a couple of these and they work well For the beekeeper with a few hives.

If you build one: STOP and figure out what container you will use and cut the depth of the bottom board to fit your container other wise you are rigging.

I found a couple of serving trays at Walmart that worked well. I cut a piece of plastic to cover the hand holds in the tray. I had to rig mine to fit since I had them built. Find the right container first and just cut the wood to fit.

I use a piece of political sign covered by a piece of plywood screwed on the back to keep the back of the box closed during winter. I live in Houston and it is not much of a winter most years.

Summer I cut a piece of plywood and cut a hole out close to the opening size that could be covered by screen wire and a piece of 1/8 screen wire to cover and screwed this over the opening.

I always wondered if you just used 1/8 if you could get more beetles into the trap or not just let more beetles into the hives.
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