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Next time you want to make of of "Joisey"

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Next time you want to make fun of "Joisey"

Our fall flow is really shaping up well and without poking fun at our colleagues out west or up north, New Jersey is looking like it's going to have a dream of a Fall Flow. We are having night time rains almost every few days, temps are in the low 80's during the day and dipping down into the upper 50's at night. The rains are soaking the ground without knocking down the foliage and it looks like everyone here is setting harvest records. My two first year hives have already produced 100 lbs. of a light amber honey (summer clover) and are now looking like we should get even more with 3 supers on one, four on the other and the brood boxes are almost a 100 lbs. each.

So much is blooming nad the girls are coming out of the hives like it's a superhighway-then returning with nectar and pollen. They're building up more comb in the supers and filling the extracted ones from the last harvest. In talking with a biologist here in town, he says that these blooms should go on for around 6 more weeksand then start tapering off! First frost is still two months away. Hell, we even have dandelions and clover blooming again!

We just not all 8 lane highways, airports and refineries!:applause:

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My wife grew up in New Jersey. Glad to hear you're getting a great fall flow there. Next time I want to tease my wife by making fun of "Joisey", I can assure you I'll do it whether you're having a great flow or not.
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